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Welcome to Conner Hills Peafowl

5-27-15 ~ New VERY LARGE Images of Sonja's Violet's

4-7-15 ~ 75 NEW images of photo taken March  2015. Some of last years chicks grown up and the parents of this years up hatching chicks.

11-21-14 New Images of Bronzes, Opal White Eyed, Silver Pied and New Tortoise photos and video

6-7-14 NEW LARGE IMAGE Slide Show of peafowl for sale. and NEW LARGE IMAGE Slide Show of many varities of Peacocks.

5-19-14 New Page for Sonja's Violets

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Many times people think there are only India Blue Peacocks or White..... Far from the truth there are over 225 varieties of colors.   Go to our "Peafowl for Sale" page to find out the varieties we have to offer. 

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