Midnight Black: black shoulder feathering for peacocks, macaws and other birds.

Peacock Black: dark-coated black shoulder for the peacock, parrot and other species.

Peafowl Black: a black shoulder colour for the owl.

Pea Butter Black: darker than the dark plum colour, this is the feather of the pea, which is used in pea butter and is often used in creams.

Peanut Butter: dark plum of the peanut, used in sauces, sauces for baking and soaps.

Peanuts: dark golden brown, used as a filling for biscuits, cakes and sweets.

Pineapple: the fruit of the Pineapple tree, used to make puddings, pastries and so on.

Pistachio: a dark plum, used for making pies and meringues.

Pompeo: dark brown or black, used mainly as a garnish on pasta dishes.

Pomegranate: the colour of the fruit, used when making pies, meringus, pastas, sauces and so forth.

Poppycock: dark white or black and white, used both as a topping and as a flavouring for cakes, cookies and other foodstuffs.

Puff: a light golden-brown colour used to mark the end of a meal.

Red: a red colour is often given to the plumage of some birds.

Red and White: dark grey, used on the backs of birds and as an accent on the feathers.

Sandpiper: a pale grey colour used on birds and sometimes used on their beaks.

Silver: a silver colour is used for the plumages of some species.

Sky Blue: a shade of blue that can be found in many colours.

Skull and Bones: a darker shade of white than grey, often used on bird-like creatures and other animals.

Sky: the colours of the sky, usually associated with the seasons.

Striped Red: a bright yellow colour.

Tan: a brownish red colour.

Tiger and Tiger: a lighter red colour, often found on the heads of tigers.

Tucker and Tiger-Red: yellow-brown in colour.

White: a white-tan colour.

Yellow-gold: a gold colour, used frequently as a colour for ornamental items.

Yellow: a colour usually associated, sometimes, with feathers.