An all-peafood restaurant is on the market in central Queensland.

Key points:A new owner of the popular Java Greens restaurant in Bendigo wants to turn it into a restaurant of its ownOne of the owners of the restaurant wants to sell the business to an all-profit entityThe owner is trying to raise about $100,000The restaurant is known for its seafood and is the subject of a petition for the sale of the business on the Queensland Sunshine CoastThis week, the owner of a restaurant in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Bendigo, wants to buy the business for about $110,000.

The owner of JG Seafood has made his intentions public on his website, saying he is interested in purchasing the restaurant and wants to make a new one with a “clean slate”.

“I am looking for an owner who is willing to sell to me the business,” he said.

“I need a clear vision for the restaurant.”

The owner wants to change the name of the place and have a new name put up on the property as a “profit entity”.

He said the name change would be done in the next 12 to 18 months, but that a new owner would not have to take over.

The business has been open for more than a decade, serving the Bendigo area with a seafood menu of “salmon, swordfish, scallops, mackerel, mussels, sword, scampi and tuna” as well as traditional Indonesian dishes.

It is a popular spot with locals who come to enjoy its fish and seafood and enjoy the ambience of the establishment, which was designed by the Brisbane-based designer, Michael Steed.”JG Seafeed is a gem of Bendigo,” Mr Steed said in a statement.

“Its been my home for more years than I can count, and is a staple of the Bendigian dining scene.”

The restaurant’s location is perfect for the city and the surrounding suburbs, and its proximity to the beach, and the vibrant and dynamic business community of Bendigia makes it a natural for the site.

“As an avid local and business person, I want to take this opportunity to make the new place a reality.”

Mr Steed had started the restaurant in 2014, with the intention of opening the restaurant at the end of 2019.

The owners intention is to make it an all inclusive restaurant, with all types of seafood, meats and entrees available, and a large bar.

Mr Stede said the restaurant would serve traditional Indonesian and Australian dishes, as well.

“This is a restaurant that is built on heritage and heritage-related concepts,” he told the ABC.

“It has been a part of the community for years and we are excited to move into a new phase of development.”