“I love the birds.

I love the weather,” said Jeff Boudreau, owner of the Pigeon Ridge, Missouri, business.

“They have a beautiful color.

The birds are a joy to watch.”

In Missouri, there are about 60 varieties of the Missouri Peafowler, which is a common species in the region.

“There are hundreds of different kinds of these birds,” said John Grosch, owner and founder of the Cootahatchee Peafolfers Club in Kansas City, Missouri.

“There are some very beautiful birds here, and some that are not so beautiful.”

Some are found throughout the Great Plains, like the American Chestnut, the American Red-breasted, and the American Turkey.

But most are found in Missouri.

In the Great Lakes region, there is a variety of peafowler species, including the American Black-shouldered Peafolger.

“They are all quite beautiful, and they are all different in color and in shape,” Grosich said.

“But they are pretty much all the same.

You can have a different one and a different shape, but you’re still pretty much the same bird.”

But, Grosack said, there’s a big difference in size and appearance between the different kinds.

“A bird of the same color, shape, and size would be like a pigeon with a smaller size and a smaller body,” he said.

The Missouri Peacock is larger than the Missouri Turkey and American Chestnuts.

“The big thing is the plumage,” Giosch said.

A pigeon with smaller plumage would be a smaller bird.

“You can tell the difference between the American White-breast and the Black-brested in the birds,” he continued.

“You’ll find them in the same places, but the shape is a little different.

The chest is bigger.

The beak is bigger.”

Grosch has also found a variety that is found in the Missouri River Valley.

“I’ve seen it in the river, I’ve seen a lot of it in my own yard,” he added.

“We have the American Pigeons, we have the White-Breasted, but they all look the same,” he told Business Insider.

“The Black-Shoulders are the most common variety in Missouri.”

A variety of Peafock is found throughout Missouri.

It is a beautiful bird, but some are very rare.

Grosack also said he’s been told that some of his neighbors are trying to keep the birds from being sold.

“People are trying not to take them, or they’re trying to sell them to somebody else,” he explained.

“You can’t sell a bird, because you don’t know what’s going to happen with it.”

There are about 2,000 American Chestutrows in the United States.

There are a few different types of the American Peacocks that are common throughout the country.

Gosch has found that some people have bred them to look like ducks.

“In Missouri they have a few breeds of American Chestuts, but there are other breeds,” he noted.

“One of them is called the Red-Breast American Chestuto,” he clarified.

“That’s what you see in Missouri, but in Kansas, they have the more common American Red Chestuto.”

These American Chestills are really quite beautiful,” Gosch said, adding that there are some that look like ducklings.”

But they’re not very good birds,” Girock said.”

So I can tell you the only reason to breed these birds, is to keep them from being taken, and to keep a certain kind of bird from being brought in.