The black snake is an endangered species in Missouri.

The Missouri Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DOC) has designated it as endangered.

The snake has been spotted in Rogersville, the town near Columbia that was the site of the infamous Confederate battles.

The black snakes are native to southern Missouri and have been found in all but the most remote parts of the state.

The snakes were once common in the area and were not a threat until the mid-19th century, when farmers started to cultivate them for food.

Today, there are fewer than 200 black snakes left in the wild.

The DOC has listed the snakes as “endangered” in the Missouri Snake Management Plan, and the black snakes can no longer be legally hunted.

The population of black snakes in the state is estimated at 1,300.

The department has placed the snakes in a list of threatened species, but no additional restrictions are currently in place.

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