Perth Zoo is hoping to return the endangered peafowls to the sanctuary by the end of the year.

The animals were first reintroduced in the late 1990s, but the species has declined by more than 70 per cent since then, and there are only a few thousand left.

“They’ve really been the focus of our efforts, because we’ve had no other choice,” zoo director of conservation David Ritchie said.

“It’s very much our responsibility as the owner of the species to manage it in the best possible way.”

Mr Ritchie says the peafoods are being brought back as part of the zoo’s “big bang” plan to bring back more endangered species to the country.

“We have some really great options in the pipeline, but this is the big bang we’ve been looking for, to bring more of these species back into the conservation mix,” he said.

The zoo is also working with a local farmer to help reintroduce the peacocks and owles to the park.

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