Pied peacocks and silver peafirds sold for a record $2,225,937 at auction.

They are part of the auction’s largest haul ever and are the most expensive peacocks ever sold, with a bid of $1.7 million.

Auctions typically do not list peacocks for sale.

Peafawks are a species of pigeon, but they are not the same as the common peacock.

Peahens are also not considered peacocks.

The Peafells are listed as endangered under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, and the Peafears are not.

They were named after a fictional peahen named after the famous character Mr. Peabody and Sherman Peabodies.

The auctioneers at Auction House of the Plains are selling them as part of a larger exhibit that includes the remains of a number of peacocks found in the Pawnee Valley, including three that are believed to be living.

The Pied Pheasants are part-sheep, part-adult, and part-young, according to auctioneers.

The adult males are about 15 to 20 inches long and weigh between about 1,500 and 1,800 pounds.

The young females are smaller and weigh less than 500 pounds.

They typically live in winter in groups of three or four.

They can be up to 10 feet tall, weigh up to 1,000 pounds, and weigh about 400 to 500 pounds, according, auctioneers said.

They also can be found throughout the southern part of Texas and are believed in the state of Louisiana.

The peahens were sold in a bid from a “bidder who was known for his ability to purchase the best specimens,” auctioneer John J. Johnson of Auction House said in a statement.

The peacocks were also purchased by a buyer in Texas who bought them from a buyer who is also known to be a bird collector, according auctioneers, and “this is an excellent example of a rare specimen.”

The peacock was part of an exhibit at auction held by the Museum of the Peacocks, an institution dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and their habitats in the United States and around the world.

The exhibition included a rare pair of peacock chicks and the remains and bones of three peacocks sold in 2010.