The Washington Post has the latest bird news from the world of aviaries and pet shops.

Birds are also on the menu for the winter.

Opal, a purple peafoodle, was recently spotted at a PetSmart store in downtown DC.

It’s an easy, family friendly pet for the whole family.

The bird is part of the family of birds that can travel up to 50 miles in a single flight.

Its color is an emerald green, which is usually reserved for birds of prey.

The bird’s head has a slight wavy pattern on top of the body.

The feathers are light blue with a white band around each wing.

The plumage is a light yellow and has a white patch on top.

Its appearance is similar to a peacock, which has long beaks and a black tail that hangs from its neck.

The peacock has short, feathery tails and a darker plumage.

The turquoise tail of the peacock is almost completely absent.

Its plumage looks like a golden brown.

The peafodler is similar in appearance to a dove or dovebill.

It has a yellow tail with white banded patches on each wing, a gray body and a yellow bill.

Its head has three white patches, which are usually associated with plumage and white markings.

The peacock bird also has long, feather-like tails that hang down from its body.

Its black tail is almost entirely absent.

Its plumage, which resembles a golden yellow and usually has a light green band on the head, is also lighter than a peacocks.

The bill is a dull brown.

The peafodyls have long, dark, black, pointed ears.

It is a quiet, well-known breed.