A peacock egg that has fallen on a person is not an egg, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

A peacock has been known to drop an egg on the ground and when the person looks down and looks at the egg, it is not a peacocks egg, said USDA assistant secretary for the Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation (DOSTI).

“That’s a very good description of the behaviour of the egg,” she said.

“It’s an egg falling onto the ground that’s not a natural egg,” said Ms Nussbaum.

“That’s not what happens in the wild, and it’s not part of nature.”

The USDA has identified a variety of eggs that may fall on the person, including one that fell on a child.

“What happens is the peacock gets really excited and the egg falls on the child,” Ms Nusbaum said.

“So they’re excited and they start flying in the air.”

She said the person might try to pull the egg away from the child and try to catch it, but she said that is not necessary.

Ms Nussba said the egg is a common food item, and if people are worried about it falling onto them, they should check with the farm and find out if the egg has fallen into their food or has been consumed by a family member.