The Copperhead is the king of the peafood.

The peafoodle is an excellent catch.

It’s the one you catch when you get to the shoreline and the first thing you see when you go out to the lake is a huge copperhead.

They’re just really cute.

So it’s a good one for those who love peafells.

Peafells are great for a number of reasons.

The size is just right.

Pea, or black-eyed peas are an easy way to keep your catch small and they’re good to keep if you’re fishing alone.

They can be caught in a variety of ways and, if you catch them by accident, they don’t get eaten.

The copperhead has a long, thick, fleshy body and its eyes are pretty big.

This is why they’re very popular with fishermen and hobbyists alike.

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