(AP) The Missouri pea is on the decline.

It’s not as common in Kansas City, Kansas, but it’s found in several other parts of the state, including Missouri and Kansas.

It also was once a national mascot, but now it’s just a state bird.

But now the city of Mission, Missouri, wants to make a change.

It wants to rename its mascot, Missouri Pea.

And the city council has approved it unanimously.

“I think it’s time to bring Missouri peas back into the fold,” said council member Steve Fennell.

“There’s been a lot of work put into it over the years.

But the city has a history of being the home to a number of regional and national champions, and the pea has really been the face of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Kansas Royals and the Missouri Blues, to name a few.”

And I think it is time for us to bring back Missouri peasees.

“Fennell said Mission will have the new mascot at its downtown stadium when the Royals play the Kansas city Royals on April 25.

The city has already named one of its new mascots, the blue Missouri Peasee, the city mascot.

Fennel said Mission is not yet ready to announce who it will name its new mascot, so the name will likely be announced sometime during the spring.

But he said Mission officials want to honor the peas with their own mascot, something that hasn’t happened with any other local mascot.

The new mascot will be unveiled this week and will have a name similar to the old mascot.

Mission officials said they want to keep the peasee name as it was in the past, even if the new one changes.

The Missouri peabowl, which was introduced in 1957, was a local favorite and was featured on the Kansas Zoo’s website.

The bird is the largest native bird in Kansas and is the only native bird that can be seen in Kansas.