A new rumor claims that the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 6S will have the same “dual core” A9 processor.

The new rumor says that the A9 is a combination of two processor architectures, namely the A7 and A6.

The A7 is a dual-core processor that’s made for mobile devices that can perform calculations and render graphics at the same time.

The iPhone 6 will also have a dual core processor.

However, according to the rumor, the new processor will only support up to four simultaneous tasks, and that the processor will not be available with the A8 or A7 cores.

A dual-processor chip is a new processor architecture that has been introduced by Apple.

It was originally thought that the two A cores would be the A5 and A7, but that’s not what happened.

The two cores are actually a combination between the A6 and A9 processors.

In the iPhone 6 and iPhone6 Plus, Apple added a new architecture called XMM (or XMMXMM) to the A10 chip.

This is a two-chip architecture that includes two cores that are optimized for multiple tasks, such as audio playback and graphics processing.

Apple added XMM to the iPhone lineup in 2017, and it was only available with certain iPhones.

This new rumor does not say anything about how Apple will be able do dual-cpu processors, but it does indicate that the iPhone’s performance is likely to be significantly improved over the iPhone 4S.

The rumor says the iPhone is expected to have the dual-Core A9 chip, but we don’t know how big the upgrade will be.

We also don’t yet know if Apple will offer the iPhone with a 5.7-inch display.

We’ll have to wait until the iPhone launches to find out.