In an article published by the Oregonian on June 5, 2018, a peacock flock has met a new generation of peacock.

The article, titled “Pecan Creek and a new peacock,” describes the two new peacocks and their interaction with the herd.

It states that the new peacaks, “will soon learn to live and work with other birds,” which means the next two generations will be different.

The article mentions that this encounter occurred at the peacock flock farm in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

The Oregonian reported that the peacock farmer, Dan Giesbrecht, was in his tractor with two peacocks at the farm on June 3, 2018.

The farm owner, Michael Pappas, also told the newspaper that he had seen the two peacock-like creatures.

“I’m hoping to have some kind of relationship with them one day, and hopefully they get to be close friends,” Pappis said.

Giesbrech was interviewed by the local news station, KGW-TV, and the article states that he is currently using the peacocks to monitor the herd and is hoping to become a naturalist.

“We’ll be out looking at the flock and seeing what happens, and we’ll be using them to keep an eye on things,” Pessas told the KGW station.

“It’ll be a long time before we see anything like that again.”

The article also mentions that the two young birds will also be working on their own, and will be learning how to communicate with each other.

“They’ll be learning about communication and the importance of social interaction, and they’ll be helping the flock grow,” the article said.

According to the article, the new young peacocks were born in August, 2018 and are expected to be about two years old.

The peacocks are currently in quarantine in the U.S. because of the disease that causes the disease, or coronavirus.

In addition to the quarantine, the two birds are being monitored for the disease.