A simple but effective way to spot the color of a car window is to simply look for the outline of a black bear on the glass.

A simple way to determine the exact shade of the car window, is to look for a dark outline of the black bear.

This can be done with an LED strip.

What Is the Seiple, and How Does It Work?

The seiple is a device that allows you to make out the outline on the window.

It consists of two parts: a reflective material that reflects light, and an optical element that directs the light to the surface of the window, and that can be adjusted so that it will reflect light in the desired direction.

A light bulb has a “bright spot” where the reflected light reaches the surface.

The idea behind the seiple was that the light emitted from the bulb is reflected back, in a direction that will match the desired window outline.

A reflective surface has a light intensity which matches the desired light intensity, and a light diffuser is used to redirect the light back into the bulb.

The light that the reflective material emits is a light that will reflect the reflection from the window in the same direction as the light that is reflected from the glass itself.

The reflective material is also designed to absorb the reflected reflected light, so that you don’t get a black spot on the screen of the screen.

The seiple allows you, in theory, to see the outline in the window of the light bulb, but it also allows you an idea of what the exact window is.

The light source and diffuser are both designed to match the window’s reflection. 

If you can get the window to reflect a specific shade of light, then you will know if the window is dark or light. 

What Do You Need to do?1.

Take your car’s windshield wipers and apply them to the car’s window.

The black bear outline should be centered in the mirror.


Place a piece of reflective tape over the reflective surface.

The tape should be slightly larger than the window itself.

This will reflect a portion of the reflected sunlight back into your car.3.

Put the reflective tape on the mirror and apply it to the window surface.

This helps to reduce reflections that are reflected from a mirror.4.

With the tape applied to the mirror, slowly move the tape to the other side of the mirror so that the reflection is no longer reflected. 


Use a magnifying glass to look through the mirror to find the outline.

The outline should match the glass’s reflection, and you should see a black outline on that side of your car window.6.

Turn the light off and start the car again.

The car should turn off automatically.