Copperhead, an endangered species in India, is considered the king of the water.

The fish, which live only on shallow waters, are hunted in the southern states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Tamil Nadu, and are also exported to Japan, Malaysia and China.

However, the fish is in the process of being banned in some parts of the country.

The Kerala government is considering whether to ban the fish, in a move that could affect the fishing industry.

The Indian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture, which is the apex body in Kerala, has decided to allow the sale of the fish.

In an effort to preserve the fishery, the Kerala government has banned the sale and export of the species, which were once considered as delicacies in the south.

Kerala Fisheries Minister Jayakumar Ray had said that the ban would impact on the fishing of copperhead in Kerala.

The Minister said that copperheads can only be caught in the state of Kerala.

“If they were to be exported, they would not be allowed to reach the Indian market.

They are also banned from being caught and sold in the region,” the Minister said.

Jayakumars statement came after Kerala Fisheries and Conservation Authority (KFCCA) officials in the State of Kerala said that they have received reports that copperhead can be caught from the river Krishna and sold to the domestic market.

The officials further said that since Kerala Fisheries Department is in charge of the implementation of the ban, the department would be responsible for the implementation.