I live in a rural area with a lot of deer and wildlife.

Most of my animals are feral, so I have to keep them under control.

Every year, I find some of the birds I keep are gone, and it’s hard to track down other birds that have been left behind.

When I see a deer with a big feather on its tail, I know I’ve lost a bird.

That’s why I’ve got to find them.

I keep track of them every day, because I know that’s the last time they will be here.

I have a lot to do.

The first thing I do is call up my neighbor and tell him that he should get a new flock of birds.

The next day, I start collecting the feathers.

Every month, I buy up as many as I can and sell them at auction.

I want to make a lot for my friends and family.

I love to keep track, and I don’t mind spending a lot on these birds.

It’s like the difference between owning a Ferrari and owning a used car.

I always have to remember to keep a lot in my garage.

I think I could keep up with my birds for years.