A user named  (nick) has been banned from Twitter for using the phrase “purple peafowler” to refer to a species of bird.

 “Purple peacowl” is a popular bird species that originated in the UK and is now found in the US, Australia, Canada and other countries.

In his post on Twitter,  nick claimed that he used the phrase to refer “to a particular bird species in the United Kingdom” and that he “also uses the word peafoules” to describe it.

The post is currently down for a number of reasons, with the only explanation being that the user has been suspended for violating the site’s terms of service.

Nick claims that he was banned because of his use of the term, but we aren’t entirely sure what that means.

According to his Twitter profile, he started as a “troll” on the social network before “making his way to the real world”, and has since “built up a following”.

In addition to using the term to refer the bird, nick has been using the word “pig” to mean the “female form” of a pig.

On the social networking site, users are required to choose one of four options to allow a post to be made.

As a user of the site, you can either follow the user’s avatar, which is an image of you in a sports shirt and shorts, or you can choose to follow the avatar.

If you follow the person’s avatar and choose to “follow”, nick is required to follow a series of tweets which are then shown to the person he is following, and in some cases, their followers.

You can also follow the people who are following you and then choose to respond to them.

At this point, the user will receive an automated message telling him that his post was flagged.

“Purplestorm” Nick’s post has been linked to numerous other accounts that use the same term, including a user named (nick) who has been accused of using the “purplestory” to identify people of colour.

This user is known to have posted racist and sexist messages on Twitter in the past, and has also been accused by several other users of racism.

Some of the messages in Nick’s post were posted as “random”, but others were “trending”.

When Nick was first suspended for using “purprestorm”, we contacted Twitter to ask if it would take action against him.

A spokesperson from Twitter told us that it would “take the appropriate action” if a user violates the company’s terms and conditions, which include a commitment to remove any such content within 48 hours.

However, given that Twitter has taken down numerous other instances of racist abuse, we can’t be sure that they are going to take action.

It’s also possible that Nick’s suspension was the result of a combination of his suspension being the result the user followed another user who also uses the term.

Even though the term was not the main focus of his post, the account has since been re-tweeted several times.

There are currently several posts from Nick that use “purpeplory” as a reference to various black people, with one of them being from the account “The Bigger Picture”.

As we mentioned above, it appears that Nick is a user who has a significant following, with at least 200,000 followers on Twitter.

Twitter is also known to be cracking down on accounts that promote violence and harassment against women.

Earlier this year, Twitter removed a user’s account after he posted racist comments on the platform.

Despite his ban, Nick continued to tweet racist and abusive messages on the site.

Although Twitter is a company that has a long history of promoting the idea of diversity and inclusion, the company has also faced criticism from some of its own employees.

Many people have criticised the company for allowing its CEO to promote racism, and the company had to apologise after the tweets about Milo Yiannopoulos were discovered.

Recently, Twitter was accused of allowing a misogynistic employee to tweet abusive and racist messages.

One of the most notable incidents in this recent case was that of a man named ÂJack, who claimed that women were responsible for the deaths of Black people, that women should not be allowed to own property, and that there was a conspiracy against Black people.

Jack’s account has over 300,000 subscribers, but his tweets are not always well-received.

While some have criticised Twitter for allowing Jack to use the platform, others have questioned whether Twitter should be allowed in the first place.

Is this the end of Twitter’s history of allowing racist abuse?

While Twitter has a history of being a platform that has been criticised for allowing racist and misogynistic content to be shared and shared frequently, it