The US poultry market hit a new peak in May with the highest-ever annual growth in the industry.

In May, the US poultry production rose for the first time since April and was the fastest since 2009.

The growth is due to the continued production of turkey, lamb, chicken, duck, turkeys, and pork in the US and increased exports from India, the world’s largest chicken producer.

However, the growth in US poultry was driven by the record production of turkeys and beef, as well as the growing popularity of the chicken wing-on-a-stick as a meat substitute.

The industry is also seeing growth in poultry production from Europe, Mexico, Canada, and Australia.

The poultry industry is currently facing a massive downturn in terms of consumer demand, which has driven the industry to a “peak game” as farmers continue to harvest their corn and soybeans.

The market is currently down about 25% from its peak in 2015, when it was $2.3 billion.

In order to keep up with demand, many farmers are raising chickens in hopes that they can continue to grow production.

In May 2016, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that the chicken industry was losing $6.3 million in 2016, and that poultry sales are down 22.5% from a year ago.

The peak game, as it is referred to in the poultry industry, is when a farm produces more than its normal output.

The farmers are looking to maintain their business during the peak season and then sell more of their production during the next harvest season.

The growth of the US chicken industry in May was a result of farmers producing more than they normally would.

A total of 12 million chicken wings were sold, which was up from 8.3.million wings sold in May 2015.

The chicken wings sales are also up 14% from the prior year.

The market is also experiencing the largest jump in chicken sales in five years.

In April, the chicken trade in the U,S.

was down 17.4% from 2016.

It is the largest one-month jump in sales since March 2016, when the chicken market hit its highest-yet in April.

The U.s. chicken trade was also the highest ever in April, according to the USDA.

The average price of a chicken wing rose 7.4%.

The chicken industry also reported a significant jump in the price of its poultry products in the first quarter of 2017.

The price of chicken wings rose $1.3 to $1,066.00 per pound in the June quarter, a rise of 16.3%.

The price for chicken legs rose $3.5 to $3,865.00, a 14.9% increase.