Snakes, opossums and brown bears are killing more than 2,500 snakes across New South and Queensland in just three days, according to NSW Parks and Wildlife.

The numbers come after the state’s Department of Primary Industries said on Friday that the total number of snakes killed in the state in the last week of April was higher than the total killed in February.

“Snakes have been found in homes, in gardens, in sheds, in water tanks and also in sheds,” Mr Cavanagh said.

“The snakes that have died have been in gardens and in sheds and also swimming in water.”

There has been a rise in the numbers of snakes in the bush in the past week, so we expect to see an increase in snake kills in the coming days.

“He said snakes had been killed in a number of areas, including in townships, in the southern part of the state.”

So we are not really seeing the same thing as in February,” he said.

Mr Cavanah said there had been an increase of snakes being killed by hunters in the south-west and the central south of the country.”

Hunters are finding that snakes have been a very popular animal in their area,” he told ABC News.”

They have found snakes, particularly brown bears, in their yards, and they are killing them as well.

“It’s been a big week for snakes in New South.”

What we are seeing is a rise of brown bears and other animals in the environment and we are starting to see the impacts of that in New Sainsbury.”‘

I’m going to kill a lot of snakes’The NSW Department of Parks and Recreation said there was no doubt the numbers had gone up.”

We’ve seen an increase, and it is up to the public to help us find them,” Parks and Game Minister James Pallas said.

He said the department would work with wildlife experts and the public in an effort to reduce the numbers.”

In the past two weeks we have seen the snakes kill a number more than our population would have anticipated, and the snakes have also killed some big cats,” he added.”

This is a bit like a plague in a community.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever find them all.

I’m going as far as to kill them all.”

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