A peacock has been trapped in the mall for nearly three hours after a flock of pigeons arrived on the grounds and tried to steal its eggs.

The falconers, who are from the US, were working in the busy mall on Tuesday when the birds were spotted and a group of them swooped down on the flock.

“There were lots of people around, a lot of kids,” the mall’s chief executive, David Suter, told the Associated Press news agency.

“We were really surprised and were really worried about the birds.

We did a lot to try and keep the birds from getting in.”

The birds were not allowed to get close to the mall, and Suter said they were trying to retrieve their eggs, but could not get them.

The mall has been working to get the birds out of the mall.

Mr Suter told the AP that the mall was still working to free the falcons.

“It’s a tricky situation.

We’re trying to find a solution, but we can’t really do anything about it at this point,” he said.”

But if we can get the falconry out of there and keep it from being a breeding ground, we would do that.”