Indian Blue’s peacocks hatch from a batch of eggs they collected from their mother, according to their Instagram post, which was recently removed from the site.

The eggs were made from a common species of dragonfly called the white dragonfly, which is native to the Pacific Islands and Mexico.

The bird’s name, India Blue, is a reference to a poem written by George Bernard Shaw.

India Blue was named after a bird that was featured in the movie ‘Birdman’ and was released in 2012.

The name of the birds first parents, the Asian peacocks of the genus Cyprinid, is Sanskrit for ‘golden peacock’.

India Blue and the peacocks are not the only birds to hatch from an egg.

The white dragonflies also hatch from egg, but the egg is smaller, and contains fewer feathers.

India Green, an endangered species of Asian dragonfly that was listed as endangered in 2012, is also a hybrid between a dragonfly and a peacock.

The dragonfly egg is a tad bigger than the peacock egg, and they both share the same genetic code.

However, there are also hybrids between dragonflies and peacocks.

Indian Blue and other endangered dragonfly species are threatened due to climate change.

In order to survive, India Green and other species are dying, the Pacific Island Wildlife Foundation (PIWF) said.