The Black Shouldered Hen is a beautiful, unique pattern of shoulder patches that are not too hard or too soft.

The patterns vary from one piece to another and are very fun to knit and crochet.

It can be a very difficult pattern to master, but once you have mastered it, you can find a great pattern to help you along the way. 

When you learn to make this pattern, you will notice that the shoulder patches are a little different than the other patterns.

There is a slight asymmetry between the shoulder patch pieces and the rest of the body.

There are four different patterns that are included in this pattern.

The black shoulder patch pattern is a great beginner pattern for beginners, and the white shoulder patch is a good beginner pattern that you can pick up and make a few different variations of.

The pattern also includes a bonus pattern that is perfect for beginning knitters.

You can pick this up in the Black Sheep pattern book. 

This pattern is designed to fit a 6-inch square, and can be worked in any weight yarn that is not too soft for the shoulder.

The shoulder patches can be made in any patterned weight yarn.

You do not need to use a yarn that you are very familiar with if you are going to use this pattern for beginner projects.

The colors that are used in the patterns are not difficult to learn, and if you have a color palette that you like, you might find that the patterns can be difficult to read if you want to keep it simple. 

You will need to start by working your black shoulder patches with your fingering weight yarn in the first row of each row.

Then, with your second and third row, work the shoulder pattern pieces in the same pattern as your first and second row of the previous row. 

After you have worked the shoulder patterns, work them in the next pattern row.

You will need three rows of black shoulder pattern. 

Now, you are ready to start the black shoulder patterns. 

The black shoulder bands that are pictured above can be purchased at most knitting shops.

The ones pictured below are available in many different colors. 

As I mentioned before, you need to work the patterns in the pattern row, which is the first pattern row of a row.

So, you should work the pattern in rows 1-6 of your black body pattern.

In this way, you’ll know which pattern row you are working in. 

There are also several different variations to the pattern, but the basic pattern is the same. 

It is important to work your pattern in the order that you want it to be worked, so that it will be easy to remember. 

I have also included a bonus bonus pattern for the pattern that includes a different shoulder patch. 

To complete your black shoulders, work your black sleeve pattern in row 5, which begins the first stitch in your black shell pattern.

Then work the black pattern piece in row 6, which ends the first side of your body pattern, and work the white pattern piece at the end of the first and last stitch of your shell pattern row to finish off your pattern.

This pattern is perfect if you plan to work shoulder patches and/or a necktie for your wedding day. 

Here is a tutorial that will show you how to make a black shoulder blanket and also how to complete the pattern.

I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I did! 

This is an image from the pattern book that shows how the patterns were designed. 

If you are looking for other patterns, be sure to check out my other pattern books. 

Happy knitting!