PURPLE PEAFOWLS FOR SALE by SETH GREENWOOD-MARIEK, AFP/Getty Images A large part of India’s national pride, the pink peacock, is being exported to the United States.

A number of countries, including India, are also seeking to secure the export of the species, which is a major trade rival to the golden-breasted peacock.

India, the world’s third-largest producer of peacocks, is hoping to use its peacocks as a trade weapon to deter American rivals like China and the United Kingdom.

The peacocks have become a symbol of India.

In the past, the peacocks were kept as pets and prized as pets.

But with the country’s economic growth, many people are now eager to have their peacocks.

Some people even believe they are a gift from God.

There are several species of peacock that are sold to the U.S., including the golden and blue-breed peacocks and the black-eyed peacock which are bred in captivity.

While the black eyed peacock is often sold as a pet, the gold-breted peacock was created to be used in the production of food.

And many people also believe the peacock breeds are descended from the domesticated black birds of Africa.

Many believe the animals are descended by their natural predators like snakes and lions.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has been campaigning against U.K. exit from the European Union, said on Friday that India would not allow its trade partners to profit from its export.

“India has no intention of allowing this to happen,” Modi told the UPI news agency.

Modi also said India would continue to work with the U