The colourful peafler is a new species found only in the region of Maharashtra.

It is the first bird to be described in India, which has a rich and diverse bird life.

Purple peacock is a bird with blue eyes and a large bill.

It can fly at high altitudes, dive, and dive at high speed, said Prof Rakesh Nandan, from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and the author of the paper.

“Its wingspan is up to 25 cm, which makes it a very fast bird, but it has the ability to dive at very high speeds.

It has very good endurance, and can dive for long distances,” Prof Nandan told NDTV.”

I was surprised to see that it has a bill of 30 cm, but when I looked at its plumage it is quite a large one,” Prof Ravesh said.

The peacock was found in the forests of Maharashtra’s Ganga river valley and the surrounding area.

It had already been discovered in 2006, but had not been found in any other place until now.

Its range has been restricted to the southern parts of Maharashtra, and has not been described before.

“We don’t know why this bird is found in this place,” Prof Vaidyanathan, who co-authored the paper with Prof Navan, told NDtv.

“Its plumage and colour have been very similar to those of other peafellers, so we thought this might be the only place where this species could be found.”

Prof Raveshed said that the bird was not unusual.

“This species is very rare and it is not a common bird in this area, so it was very exciting to find it here,” he said.

“It is the only bird in the world that can dive at up to 20 knots.

Its wingspan means that it can fly quite fast, but there are many other birds that can fly higher, but they are not found here.”

Prof Nandan said that he was very excited to find a new bird.

“Purple Peafowler is the rarest of the peafells and one of the most beautiful of the birds.

It looks like a peacock and has a large, blue bill,” he added.