For once, the NRL season will be a game of skill rather than luck, as it will feature two of the most exciting sides in the competition, with both sides looking to make a strong run in the semi-finals. 

The New Zealand Warriors have won the last two Super Rugby titles, while the Brumbies, a team with an NRL pedigree, are aiming to do the same this season. 

In a clash of two of New Zealand’s strongest sides, both sides have the skills to win their respective finals, with the Brums and Warriors looking to play with their heads in the game. 

Their contrasting styles of play will be tested in the final stages, with one side fighting for the title against the other. 

Who will win? 

The Brumbums are likely to be the favourites, given their record of winning both of their finals series, while it will be interesting to see how the Warriors stack up against the BrumNation’s most successful team, the Brummies. 

However, both the Brummies and the Warriors are highly-rated, so it will likely be a close series. 

For the sake of the game, who will win the semi finals? 

If the Brumbs win, they will take the two-time champions title, and if the Bramps lose, they’ll get a bye into the semi. 

If either side wins their respective final series, the first-placed Brums will be crowned champions, while whichever team loses will fall out of the competition. 

Should the Brummer win, the final will be played in Wellington on Sunday, November 16, and the Brubs will be facing the New Zealand Sharks at the same venue on the following weekend. 

What will be the outcome? 

There is no doubt that the Brims will be favoured to win both finals, but what is less certain is who will finish ahead of them. 

Both teams have the potential to win a game or two in the opening stages, but as the final series gets underway, who is likely to do better? 

It is hard to tell with certainty, but one thing is for sure, it will come down to the last three points in the grand final, as neither side can afford to concede at the first attempt. 

Prediction: BrumNation (1-2) Bumbies (2-3) Sharks (3-4) Predictions are based on the prediction of a simple formula, which takes into account both the strength of each team, their own strengths and the number of points they score. 

All statistics are provided by Stats Zone and taken from the official Rugby League stats site. 

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