BY MARK RALSTON | AUGUST 20, 2018 12:18:48For those who live in a city where a peacock has become the symbol of life, it can be hard to believe there are so many.

In Australia, the most iconic peacock is the one that hangs in the lobby of Parliament House, the seat of government.

The majestic red and white bird has become a symbol of Australia, its history and its people, and many have adopted it as their own.

“There are so few peacocks in Australia, they are just not there,” said Andrew Langford, a retired airline pilot and conservationist.

Langford said he had flown to Australia three times and seen more than 1,000 birds.

He said he was amazed that there were so many peacocks at the Canberra Airport.

“It’s just a stunning sight.

It is almost a miracle that they are still here,” he said.

Langeford said it was a wonder to see them in such a prominent spot in Canberra, even though Canberra’s skyline is dominated by skyscrapers.

He and his wife, Sharon, have adopted the birds as a permanent family.

“The birds are so important to us because they are our little ambassadors to Canberra,” he explained.

Langsford said they are a part of his life now.

“They are a huge part of my life.

They are a bit like our kids,” he added.”

I would say they are my little angels.”

When you have to get up in the morning and walk through the airport and the other passengers are thinking, ‘Is that a peacocks bird?’

“Langwell said he often saw people in the airport looking at the peacocks.”

If you see one of them, it means something to you,” he joked.

Langerford said the peacock would also fly to Australia to greet the country’s Queen at a reception.”

She is an inspiration for me,” he recalled.”

Because it’s such a beautiful, beautiful place.

And there’s so many people in it, and they know how special Canberra is.

“He said the birds are also a way of showing appreciation for the people of Australia.”

For me it’s not just about the peacocking, but about the people that live here and the people who make this place so great,” he concluded.

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