The Missouri Peahens are returning to the state of Missouri and are enjoying a resurgence that could make them the most talked about animal in the country, experts say.

“They’re back,” said Dr. Kevin Miller, the director of the Missouri Zoo and Aquarium.

“And it’s unprecedented.

We’ve never seen it before.

We’re not sure what it is, but we think it’s the first time that this species is returning to Missouri.”

The Peafowler’s comeback story has been a hot topic since the bird disappeared from the Missouri prairie and then into the state.

The bird was reported to have been killed and its remains had been returned to the prairie where it was found in January 2017.

Miller said it took a long time for the state to find the bird, but it was discovered by an investigator in a field about 200 yards from where it had been spotted in 2017.

Miller said the Peafowls are back, but they are in a much different state of mind.

They are not as stressed, and they are not in the least anxious to find food.

Miller also said that they are being used for conservation work and research.

“The Peacock was used as a test specimen in the field of a bird study,” he said.

“We’re trying to do something similar with the Peacocks and to see how well they do on the prairies.”

The Missouri Zoo says that the species is still a mystery and that it is unclear whether it will be reintroduced to the Plains or whether the species will remain in the wild.

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