Conner's Copperhead Corner

Copper Head Snakes

A couple of Copperhead Snakes that I caught in 2013.  I rehomed about 10 of these in 2013

Copperhead Snakes
This one was in the Greens' pen, took a couple of 9mm slugs and was still going strong August1, 07
Found in the Java Greens' pen.   I find a few snakes dead in the pens, most are around this size. Peacocks do kill snakes.

I was moving some wood a couple of days ago, saw a Copperhead and killed it. This time of the year it seems if you find one you had better look for another one..I was thinking of that about the time I reached down to pick up another board and wham... just about didn't go to doctor but wife insisted and she was correct.. These 2 snakes caused me to spend 2 days in the hospital.

As you probably know they give live birth in the hot summer months. One year I killed one that had 12 young in it.



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