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Rebuds of Spring

Norma's Smoke House

This farm was established in the early 1930s. ALL of it was built with white Oak lumber cut and sawn mostly from the location. It had a spring for water...They had a blacksmith shop,  stock barn ,teams of large horses, cows , sheep, hogs,bees, & ponds dug with a slip. They had a large garden and canned their own food. There were 40 acres mostly clear and they were doing some row crops. These are recent photos of the house and smoke house. It looks a lot like it has for the last 70 yrs. The lady is my cousin, Norma. And the house is about 2 miles from me here in Missouri.
Bleeding Trees
Coon problems this year.
Siberian White Chipmunks
India Blues in the Wilds of India
These three were sent to me by my friend Danny Potente . He took these photos on one of his trips to India.

My guard animals "Dink and Marmalade "

My neighbor Mr. Roller and his Mules

Black Cohosh plants down by the Peacock pens

Black cohosh is used as a medicinal Herb
Black Cohosh Link
Hand feeding a young hummer. He got caught in a late spring cold spell and was about dead,  so I moved him inside and hand fed him. After some sugar water and warming up he was ready to go.

Click Here to see some great pictures of hummingbirds hatching in 2005.

arly Spring in the Ozarks

Old tractor shows at Republic, MO. David Bradley stuff

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